Microsoft Scam Changes Tack

You probably know the Scam where someone calls you purporting to be from Microsoft. They want access to your computer to ‘resolve’ an issue…. In reality they want access to your computer where they will install software so that in the event that you do not pay for the ‘pretend fix’ your computer may not be boot or be compromised or both. Well, they have slightly changed their tactics. Now they purport to be from BT and try and carry out the same trick. This has led to a large rise in the number of customers that we have seen whom have been compromised. In some cases the use of SysKey has been used to encrypt their registry which requires a password on boot to continue. Which you will not have as they keep this in case you do not pay. Luckily, the password is normally simple such as ‘123456’ but your computer will need to be brought in for a service to fix the security compromise to ensure they cannot access your computer again and to clean the virus they will have planted.

Our advice: Never let anyone that you do not know remote access to your computer and certainly not someone who calls you unprompted via the telephone.