How does this work?

There are two ways for us to service your device:

Bring it to our store.

Walk into our store and we will fix your device for you. We will provide you with a free repair estimate so you know what the cost of fixing your device is – before we work on it.

Mail it to our store.

Fill out the form on our mail in page, and follow the instructions on our mail in page to send your device in for repair. We will repair your device and send it back to you. If you simply want an estimate, you may send it in requesting an estimate. We will not perform a service/repair before you approve it.

If you don’t know what service you need, feel free to email us, call us, and talk to someone about your problem. Calling is quickest although email options are available.

What are your hours, when can I come to your store?

For our Tewkesbury location, come by between 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays (excluding Mondays) or 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays for a free consultation. We will diagnose the issue with your machine and give you all of your options. If you cannot make it during our opening hours, please call/email us and we may be able to make an exception and see you out of hours.

What does it cost for you to look at my Mac?

NOTHING! We no longer charge diagnostic fees so you have nothing to lose.  

How long does getting an estimate on what the cost of repair take?

This depends on your issue. We can usually give you with a rough estimate while you wait, unless you have liquid damage, in which case you would have to leave it for an estimate.

Should I wait for my Macbook to dry out before bringing it to you? Maybe it will work again!

In a single word the answer is No! Drying the board out will not fix anything. Sure the liquid will dry to the touch, but all of the gunk and minerals in whatever it was that you spilt will remain all over the board and under the chips. This will continue to corrode and only get worse. Cleaning this and making circuit repairs is the only way to resolve the problem. To clean the board, it is not a simple case of taking a toothbrush or cotton bud and cleaning the surface of the board as this will achieve nothing. The board needs to be immersed in an ultrasonic bath and then various chips and contacts on the board made good. Besides, I am guessing that if you are reading this – you probably already have let the device dry out and had your fingers crossed it would just work and found that it does not! Another reason why your device probably does not work after the liquid spill is that you tried to turn it on multiple times. This only serves to blow and melt the shorted components. Please do not continue to waterboard your mac and let us fix your mac instead!

Are you only Mac?

No. We fix all laptop makes and models.

We are discontinuing our smartphone and tablet repair service however. The reason for this is most of the smartphone and tablet repairs cost almost as much to fix as the device is worth and we find that people’s time and budget constraints do not often allow for a proper repair. If we feel we’re not the best fit for your issue, we will refer you to someone who is.

Are you Apple certified?

Absolutely not. Being Apple certified would tie our hands to the point where even replacing a fuse would get us in trouble. Being Apple authorised would tie our hands to the point where we have to charge you £750-£1250 to replace your motherboard because of that one component! After your device is only a few years old, Apple will declare it as vintage and not even be willing to offer a repair on many major components.

Doesn’t a lack of certification mean you have no idea what you’re doing, or that my repair has a chance of premature failure?

No. To be an Apple certified warranty repair centre, to the point that repairs are 100% officially covered under an Apple warranty, the service centre must buy their parts from Apple. This gives Apple bargaining power in setting prices of parts, which results in unnecessarily expensive repairs. In order to make a profit, an authorised repair shop must set a very high price for any given service.

Apple does not manufacture any of the parts they resell to the repair shops. Apple sells the part to a service centre for 3-6 times its actual cost, which is the reason Apple Authorised service centres are so expensive. Apple knows that customers prefer shops that are Apple authorised service centres. It has little to do with getting you better service or a better repair.

But doesn’t Apple rigorously test those parts to ensure quality?

No. Are you curious as to what “Apple Authorised” means? One might assume this makes it a better part, but they’re the same parts we purchase. As one can see from forums such as macrumors, Apple has no real high tech process to weed out displays with issues such as dead pixels, as a lot of people receive displays with them. Look up the issues with the LG display on 15″ Retinas.

The CSD difference is that we test parts the old fashioned way, by plugging them in before using them. The personal touch can’t be beat.

 How will your repair affect my warranty?

Anyone who isn’t a fully Apple authorised warranty repair facility is technically voiding your warranty.

However, in reality, if Apple can’t tell the machine’s been opened or repaired,  there’s no problem. Our meticulous workmanship ensure they’ll never know we were there.

If you have liquid damaged your laptop and are having us repair your logic board, you will likely be laughed at by the Genius Bar if you ever return for a warranty issue. The methods we use to repair corroded circuit boards are highly reliable and effective, but leave a mark, similar to installation of a pacemaker. It will be obvious we were there.