Our Values & Ethics

Ethics & Integrity

CSD brings ethics back to the repair shop.

Humble: We do not perform jobs we cannot do properly.

You will hear us beg you to go elsewhere if we feel we are not the best fit for a job. Our goal is to make you happy, with taking your money as a side benefit. If we can only do one without the other, we will not take on the job. Occasionally people mistake this as a lack of desire to help them, but this could not be more wrong. If we are not the best fit for something – we just won’t do it.

Up until recently we used to repair tablets and smartphones. We stopped doing the majority of this work for the following reasons: 1) The parts we used were only of premium quality and not knock offs. This means that they were either the original part refurbished or parts that met or exceeded the original part. However, premium costs more. We did not want to fit a knock off part that would not work reliably or fall apart. We found that there were many other phone repair shops that were happy to fit these knock off parts which were effectively junk and in doing so could offer their service at a lower price than we could with our higher costs. When we discovered that many customers would fall into the trap of comparing on price alone and not seem to care about the quality of the part (until it goes wrong), we decided we were not best placed to offer this service without making compromises on our quality. So we stopped offering most repairs on these devices.

Don’t get me wrong, we need customers to pay us for our services, but we strive to keep the customer happy with their repair at the same time and with the smartphone and tablets we could not do both at a price the customer was willing to pay when the guy in a booth at the shopping centre can fit junk parts a little cheaper.

We do charge a diagnosis fee.

Taking apart your laptop to determine what is wrong with it costs in time, equipment and parts. Rather than pretend to offer a free diagnostic only to claw it back with higher repair costs – we believe diagnostic fees are fair when the majority of the time to repair the device is in the fault finding.

Honesty – we don’t lie about your problem to milk you for more money.

We never misrepresent what we are doing, such as replacing an external hard drive cable and charging you for data recovery. Our workshop is set up uniquely – more and more of our repairs are recorded and it is our aim to upload more and more of these into your customer portal for you to access and watch the repair as we are working on your laptop.

Good will when the manufacturer will offer superior service to us.

We never let someone pay us for a repair that the manufacturer will perform for free. There are many occasions upon which you will be better off going to the OEM because your device may be covered under a warranty or a recall. When we know this to be the case, we’ll suggest you try them.

Convenience – a sense of urgency & appreciation for your time’s value.

We try our best to not keep you waiting on repairs we advertise. Alot of the time, our parts are always stocked and ready to go! We have an entire section of our store just for cataloging hundreds of different parts we use on a regular basis that are ready to go.

Real reviews  – no funny business!

We never review ourself, or bribe customers with discounts to leave in-store reviews. Our feedback has all been earned and reviews have been left at the customer’s discretion, NOT ours!

The Environment.

The latest in thing is to claim to care for the environment! It goes hand in hand with what we do! We repair broken tech prolonging its useful life and keeping it from landfill or salvage. We sell a large number of refurbished laptops again keeping these devices in circulation for longer – lowers the requirement for new devices. What’s more our refurbished devices undergo extensive testing to ensure they are reliable and will serve you well.