Refurbished Computers/Laptops (Others Available - Call us 0330 088 1964 with your requirements)

CSD believes that trading in reconditioned I.T hardware is one of the most environmental focused purchases you can do.
Refurbishing keeps good working computers out of landfills, reducing pollution, and helps conserve raw materials.
Buying ‘Green’ offers substantial savings when compared to new and also helps you save the environment.

Cosmetic Grades:

Cosmetic Grade A:
Grade A products have overall excellent to very good cosmetic condition.
Some Grade A units will be cosmetically pristine, while others may have minor blemishes.
Cosmetic blemishes will have no impact to the system’s overall functionality or performance.

Cosmetic Grade B:
These units will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches and/or other surface imperfections.
Some Laptops may exhibit shiny surfaces around the keyboard. All key characters will be legible.

Grade B products are functionally equivalent to Grade A, and will include the same warranty as Grade A products.
Pricing on Grade B products will typically be lower than Grade A products.

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