Apple Macbook Pro A1286 Logic Board Repair (New GPU)

Apple Macbook Pro A1286 Logic Board Repair (New GPU) – 

Brand New Genuine GPU’s – Beware of the fakes!

Genuine AMD GPU’s are in very short supply. The market is flooded with fake GPU’s. These fake GPU’s are actually used GPU’s that have a new surface and date code printed. Even some repairers are using these without realising. Due to having reliable suppliers at source we are able to obtain Brand new Sealed Packages in large quantities so this means a brand new GPU that has been stored in the correct environment.

Honest Advice & 9 Years Rework Experience

With this much experience you can rest assured that every repair is treated with the same level of expertise. 95% of our income comes from repeat business clients. This really says something about our service. We will always give honest advice. If we think a board or machine is not worth repairing or you may have future problems we will tell you. Warranty returns lose money and customers so if a repair isn’t likely to last long we will tell you. Not every machine can be repaired but with a success rate in excess of 98% for original untouched machines it means you have the best chance of success. We can take on machines with repair history but will need to be assessed first to see the condition. 

Apple Certified Mac Technician

Every GPU replacement is carried out by a Certified Mac Technician, so not only do we have GPU replacement expertise but the ability to disassemble, re-assemble and service to Apple’s strict Standards.

We fit a brand new Genuine AMD GPU in Lead solder. The Service includes dismantling, repair and re-assemby and a clean inside and out.

What models does this cover?

This listing is to repair graphic/display issues relating to the 15″ & 17″ Early and Late 2011 Macbook Pro. We have brand new Genuine GPU’s for the complete AMD 6490M, 6750M & 6770M Versions. If you have a different machine please get in touch.

How do I know if I have this problem?

If your unit has distorted/unusual graphics, Fan/DVD noises but no display, Vertical/Horizontal lines, Freezing, or Blank Screens the chances are it is related to the Graphics processing unit. If in doubt just ask.

Why does it happen?

It can be caused by excessive heat or just normal use heat cycles. With some machines we often find fans are clogged with fluff and dust preventing the machine cooling how it was designed.


What’s the Warranty?

The repair offered above caries a 12 month warranty for the same fault occurring if a brand new chipset is fitted. The customer is responsible for all carriage costs.

Why Choose us?

  1. We don’t offer temporary repairs – A reflow or reball of the existing chipset will not last. The GPU fails internally so needs replacement.
  2. We reball the new GPU in lead solder. This is important as it gives a better connection and causes less thermal stress to the New GPU and PCB.