Data Recovery

If you have deleted or lost data from any device, then we can take a look at this for you. With this service we will use an extensive array of tools and professional knowledge to attempt data recovery. If data recovery is not possible we will advise you of your options and if you decide not to proceed, your data recovery fee less a diagnostic charge will be refunded.

We can recover data from non-raid hard drives, SSDs and USB memory sticks.

Please note Data Recovery is classed into 3 levels as shown below:

Level 1: Logical Repair – Health Drive but has logical (software) corruption.
Level 2: Non Invasive – Failed drive but not mechanically.
Level 3: Invasive – Failed drive mechanically and needs a Clean Room recovery.

We perform all Level 1 data recovery, most Level 2 data recovery. For all Level 3 data recovery we outsource this to our business partner – a world leading data recovery company with clean room laboratories and extensive data recovery equipment. If they cannot recover data then data recovery is not possible at all.

Using a company like this for level 1 and most level 2 data recovery means very high data recovery costs which may be unnecessary. We will perform these techniques at a much lower price without compromising the integrity of your data. Should the recovery process be unsuccessful, we will contact you to advise of this and likely cost of sending your device away to our Data Recovery partner. If you wish to pursue this course of action we will send the device away obtain a fixed quotation and contact you for approval. Please note additional charges apply for these services.


The following represents typical examples of recovery levels. However the actual level of service required is always determined after a full evaluation of the media has been performed.
Logical Repair
  • Virus / Spyware Infections
  • Blue Screen or Spin-Wheel
  • Unmountable Mac Volume
  • Human Errors (Delete, format)
  • Damaged MFT / FAT tables
  • Unidentified Drive Volume
  • Minor Bad Blocks
  • “Unrepairable” Mac Volume
  • Missing Boot Files
  • Exceeded SMART errors
  • Unreadable Data Blocks
  • Occasional Clicking
  • Slow Read Times / BSY
  • Unstable Read Times
  • Module Corruption / Bricked
  • UNC Block errors
  • LBA Mis-Match
  • Chip Burnout
  • Constant Clicking
  • Head Crash
  • Moisture / fluid Damage
  • Firmware (SA / ROM)
  • No Power / Not Spinning
  • Seized or Failed Spindle
  • HDA Failures
  • Voice Coil
  • Severe PCB damage