Diagnostic Service £35.00

If you are unsure of the fault or you have attempted an unsuccessful repair, we can offer you a Diagnostic Service.

Our expert technicians will carefully investigate and diagnose your device to look for any current or potential faults. We will then contact you and inform you if a repair is necessary and discuss the extra costs to continue with the repair service. At any point, your device can be returned without paying extra for repairs, you are under no obligation to agree with the repair.

The diagnostic cost will be deducted from the overall cost of repair, if you choose to proceed. Please bear in mind that the diagnostic cost is a non-refundable service.

You can check the progress of your device’s diagnostic by using our  Repair Tracker.

* Please include a brief summary of the faults you are experiencing with your device in the additional information section during the checkout process.

You can send your device to us in the following ways (please click here for details)

Drop off and Collection in Person – Free
Sending via your own method with your own packaging & Pay for Return Shipping: £11.95
Book our Courier for Collection From Your Work or Home & Return Shipping: £20.00
Send me the packaging and Box with a Paid Shipping Label for me to take to a Post Office & Include Return Shipping to My Work or Home: £30.00