Hard Drive Repair

If you select this repair option we will first confirm the drive is faulty as well as running a range of system diagnostics. We will then attempt to clone/recover data from your faulty hard drive if this is possible. We then install the licenced operating system applicable to your device, perform all updates, install system drivers and perform a standard software load (Antivirus, Office, Media Player, Adobe Reader) and copy your recovered data back to this drive. We will then perform a service on the machine. Finally we place the device on test before contacting you to advise the device is ready to be shipped or collected.

Please note: The price of the replacement hard drive if required is not included in this price. There are various capacities and options to choose from such as conventional or solid state. Please select your choice of replacement hard drives from our product list and add this to your basket along with this option.

* Please include a brief summary of the faults you are experiencing with your device in the additional information section during the checkout process.

You can send your device to us in the following ways (please select at checkout)

1. Use your own postal or courier method,

2. Use our collect+ network, box your device and drop off at a collect+ participating shop and pay for the shipping to us,

3. Box your item and contact us to arrange a courier collection from your work or home,

4. Drop the device into our shop.

We will return the device to you free of charge even if you do not proceed with the repair

The address you should send your device to can be found on our contacts page