Hard Drive Replacement Slimline iMac Models

This service will replace or repair your iMac hard drive. Before replacing this item we will automatically confirm that the hard drive is indeed faulty. Where it is not faulty we will contact you for further instructions.

Symptoms of a faulty hard drive can be the Apple Diagnostics fail or the OS hangs on install.  These issues do not necessarily mean it is the hard drive that is at fault, so we recommend you send your iMac to us after selecting the Diagnostic/Assessment service.

Please note, the price of the hard drive is not included in the price quoted only the labour for replacing the drive. You will be given the option of selecting from various capacity hard drives including replacing the standard drive for that of an SSD.

This repair requires the entire screen assembly to be removed which is glued to the chassis. The glue is then removed and adhesive reapplied when the drive has been replaced. The OS will be installed if required after reassembly.