Integrated Laptop Keyboard Repair

If your keyboard is not responding or specific keys are not functioning or are missing, this repair will replace your keyboard with a new keyboard specific to your device. We will also carry out a service on your device.

Integrated laptop replacement keyboard. This repair is for laptops that have an integrated keyboard i.e. the keyboard is part of the topcover/palmrest. If it is NOT part of the topcover/palmrest you need to select the Standard Keyboard Repair option on this page. If you are unsure, please checkout with the diagnostic charge only and we will assess which is applicable to your device.

* Please include a brief summary of the faults you are experiencing with your device in the additional information section during the checkout process.

You can send your device to us in the following ways (please select at checkout)

1. Use your own postal or courier method,

2. Use our collect+ network, box your device and drop off at a collect+ participating shop and pay for the shipping to us,

3. Box your item and contact us to arrange a courier collection from your work or home,

4. Drop the device into our shop.

We will return the device to you free of charge even if you do not proceed with the repair

The address you should send your device to can be found on our contacts page