Laptop/PC Logic Board Repair Service £100-£200

This service will repair/replace your Laptop/PCs logicboard which is the main circuit board inside your device.

Symptoms of a faulty logicboard can be many and varied for example, Your Mac fails to output any image to the screen or randomly powers off or fails to power on at all. These issues do not necessarily mean it is the logic board that is at fault, so we recommend you send your Device to us after selecting the Diagnostic/Assessment service.

You can check the progress of your device by using our  Repair Tracker.

* Please include a brief summary of the faults you are experiencing with your device in the additional information section during the checkout process.

You can send your device to us in the following ways (please click here for details)

Drop off and Collection in Person – Free
Sending via your own method with your own packaging & Pay for Return Shipping: £11.95
Book our Courier for Collection From Your Work or Home & Return Shipping: £20.00
Send me the packaging and Box with a Paid Shipping Label for me to take to a Post Office & Include Return Shipping to My Work or Home: £30.00