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“Laptop had fan and dimm slot issues, Steve tracked them down and sorted it all out quickly and at a reasonable cost, great service. Many thanks” Colin Chetwood – 16th February 2019


“Steve fixed my laptop, just as I was thinking it was beyond repair. Liked his attitude from first meeting him in his shop. Did repair exactly as promised, kept in touch during the process, and delivered when promised. Would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody with a similar problem.” – Terry Watkins – 12th February 2019


“My laptop that was used by grand kids to play Robloxs, got infected with a virus over Christmas. Grand kids were very upset but Steve pulled out the stops, repaired it quickly, and the kids were very happy.” – Mr Francis G Palmer – 11 Jan 2019


“I needed a lightweight laptop and there was no where else I would go except to see Steve. He has always been so helpful and this time was no exception. Thrilled with my new device and on collection it was all ready to go. All the apps I wanted installed were all there waiting for me. A super little laptop that is so fast. Informed by text and email at every stage. Great customer service”. – Judith Ann Harrison – 9 Jan 2019


“After being told by Apple, Regency Arcade, Cheltenham to get the data backed up prior to repair on a MacPro and giving me a company to call which I did and a quote of £299 was given and this was before any repair. Apple ran no diagnostics on this computer either although I had rang Apple and had an appointment for this nothing was offered except to use a company for data recovery. On searching the internet Complex Systems came up and I emailed and the response was immediate and I took the computer to be looked at. The service provided was exceptional, I felt I was listened too and solid advice given. I was emailed every step of the way and the computer was repaired and ready for collection almost immediately. The total cost was just over £70.00. Amazing. Without hesitation I will certainly not use Apple at Cheltenham as I have found the most superb repair company I have ever dealt with. Congratulations Complex Systems”. – Kate Armstrong – 1st January 2019


“PRINTER NOT LINKING TO MAIN PC and printing. Corruption to OS and other issues – solved and working Ok. Very pleased with the outcome and the service – excellent communication during the process. Cannot but recommend”. – Anthony Davies – 22nd December 2018


“Really pleased. Prompt, efficient and kept fully informed. Would certainly use again. Also very tolerant of those with little knowledge! Came in to have emails reinstated on ipad”. – James Colville – 9th November 2018


“Very good service, with helpful advice for someone who has limited knowledge! Cleaned my computer and added a new anti-virus”. – Rosemary Taylor – 9th November 2018


“Excellent service, great use of their portal, email and SMS to keep me updated and to communicate throughout. Would use again”! – Paul Taylor – 26th September 2018


“My laptop’s screen was repaired very quickly. Quite happy with the service delivered”. – Alexandra Carmo – 6th September 2018


“Really great service and communication, no hesitation in recommending”. – Morag Sutherland – 13th July 2018


“Went in there the other day with a hdmi problem but the chap was nice and honest said it would cost more to repair than the monitor was worth but did give me a alternative solution which was a cheaper option would highly recommend and use again with out a shadow of a doubt he took a look and said you need this and this to make it work and I went back today got the things I needed and sure enough it worked thank you for your good advice”. – Steven Simpson – 10th July 2018


“Great service, problem quickly resolved with mac and kept informed by texts and email. Very happy customer”! – Claudine Robinson – 23rd June 2018


“Work on my laptop clearly explained and the job was completed and ready in the time promised”. – Ruth C – 6th June 2018


“This is the 2nd time Steve has saved me regarding Windows 10 update. I explained that I had important data I needed to save and he took a note of all things I needed saving. I was kept informed via text and email at every stage of repair. This morning I collected my repaired laptop and I’m up and running. I’m no technology expert but everything was explained to me and I’m so grateful. I am 100% satisfied and I would recommend Steve to anyone. There was a free gift I found when I got home too. This just leaves me to say a big Thank You…” – Judith Ann Harrison – 30th May 2018


“My iPad was repaired same day. Very quick and efficient, and communication was excellent. Thank you”. – Julian Alington – 18th May 2018


“Laptop would not switch back on. Work was completed in a couple of days. Great service, thank you”. – Tony Day – 11th May 2018


“Lap top that wouldn’t turn on. Very fast diagnosis and very fast to complete the work needed. Good to be informed of progress. Very pleased to have my laptop back so quickly. Good advice also on back up and storage.g”. – Sally Lester – 3rd May 2018


“Repair to an IPad that would not charge. I found Steve very helpful and friendly. I collected the IPad the next day fully charged and working perfectly. The problem was a faulty charger. I felt the service I received was excellent and l was not overcharged for the replacement charger. I would recommend him if you had a faulty phone, tablet or computer”. – Derek Day – 12th April 2018


“Couldn’t install the latest updates Due to insufficient space. Within 2 days my laptop was up and running, latest updates installed and all unnecessary “rubbish “ was removed. Excellent and efficient service and very friendly and helpful people. Would definitely recommend”. – Elaine Brewster – 16th March 2018


“Re-set system following change to fibre”. – Peter Finnigan – 7th February 2018


“Located and commissioned a new computer for me to meet my specifications. Excellent service, efficient and friendly”. – Colin Scrutton – 23rd January 2018


“Excellent service, really quick and fully informed throughout”! – Rob Ashmeade – 13th January 2018


“I took my laptop to be mended as an update had rendered it useless also I lost my touchpad I am thrilled they got it all working again and kept me informed the whole time thank you”. – Susan Davies – 28th December 2017


“Excellent service and very patient with a dummy”. – Tony Cullingford – 9th December 2017


“Broken/cracked iPad screen. Simple enough job , but Steve was very helpfull from start to finish”. – Mark Locke – 8th December 2017


“A quick and efficient fix”. – Derek Taylor – 9th November 2017


“Following my falling foul of a BT scam, my desktop was badly compromised. CSD were very helpful, and managed to resolve the damage without losing any of my files or data. They provided regular updates of their progress throughout and made a very bad experience have an easier outcome”. – David Ward – 2nd November 2017


“They certainly know what they are talking about. Totally professional, they listened to my explanation of the fault on Computer, and then I left it with them for any repairs that were required. Computer was repaired in 24 hrs, I was fully informed by the CSD Ltd for each step of the work the did up to completion. You just don’t get Service like this theses days, it was a pleasure to be able to use them. I am 100% satisfied”. – Phillip Hicks – 2nd November 2017


“Quick and very reasonable priced repair to my laptop”. – Roy Coles – 27th October 2017


“I could not send emails when I took my iPad into the shop was told between 2 and 4 days it would be ready but to my surprise and delight it was ready the next day good service and well worth the money”. – Anne Park – 26th October 2017


“I took our lap top in for repair and within one week I had I collected it fully repaired and back working superbly again. Throughout this short journey of repair, I was updated regularly by text, providing all the advice and information needed, and the customer service in the shop by Steve was excellent. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Complex Systems Direct”. – Richard Wickham – 11th October 2017


“Had to have the keyboard replaced on my laptop due to water splashing on the top. Complex systems diagnosed, ordered the parts and repaired it within 4 days and kept me informed via text/email throughout. After the diagnostic test they inform you of the cost and have the option to pull out if you don’t want to go ahead. Although I do not have a great deal of experience regarding computer repairs, I thought this was repaired at very reasonable price, I believe they are trustworthy and I would not consider going anywhere else. Plus you receive a free gift on collection and who doesn’t like a freebie”!! – Christina Bryant – 24th September 2017


“I ordered a desktop with high specs, capable of dual boot, with linux and Windows. The desktop arrived and worked flawlessly out of the box. I am very satisfied”. – Vladimir Tabakovic – 15th September 2017


“I had my Galaxy S 111 that wouldn’t turn on repaired by complex systems, it was repaired and returned in under a week, I was kept informed at every stage of the work. I would highly recommend Complex Systems for all mobile phone or lap top repairs”. – Rob Lever – 5th August 2017


“I had ben putting up with a broken hinge on the lid of my HP laptop for several months and all was OK until the broken hinge finally overstressed the screen which totally stopped working. 
I dropped the laptop off at Complex Systems, received an estimate for the repair and parts and was kept updated by email of progress sourcing parts and the repair status. When the final part arrived the repair was quickly completed and I received another email telling me I could collect it. The laptop now works perfectly, all my documents, files and apps are still there and as a bonus it is cleaner and shinier than it has been for ages. I was particularly impressed by the email communications updating status of the repair”. – Andrew Davies – 2nd August 2017


“Great prompt service, really appreciated the text updates”. – Alan Chaston – 2nd August 2017


“Laptop hanging unable to use. A hassle free service in good time”. – Deborah Maylott – 26th July 2017


“Very good communication and service”. – Paul Bailly – 26th July 2017


“My laptop failed to reboot after the 2nd big windows 10 update. Within two days I had it back fully updated and the gentleman explained about reinstalling certain apps that were removed to enable the upgrade to Windows 10. All my files were there when I logged back on, I was kept informed by email and text every step of the way. Professional and friendly. Will be adding ComplexSystemsDirect Ltd to my contacts”– Judith Ann Harrison – 3rd July 2017


“Very good value computer sales and service”. – Peter Small – 15th June 2017


“Great service, efficient, well informed, thorough, good communication throughout via email/text updates. Good value service. Very happy that my old mac is back to a sensible speed and fully useable again. I put off getting it repaired for a long time due to the potential hassle involved, turns out it was no hassle at all, would not hesitate to use again or recommend. Added bonus is the shop is very accessible and easy to get to”. – Sam Robbins – 14th June 2017


“Happy with repair and speed of service, kept informed at all times. Two problems – hard disk needed replacing and wifi card erratically performing, both fixed and data on old disk recovered much to my relief”. – Derek Ebbatson – 7th June 2017


“I took my laptop in for repair was kept up to date by e-mail and was told what was wrong and given a price, very satisfied with the service and the repair”. – John Dockree – 30th May 2017


“Very quick fix. Impressed with customer service. Used them twice already – good advice and service given. Would recommend, compared to to PC – much cheaper too and local”. – Mrs Hendy – 12th May 2017


“I have used Complex Systems three before and each time I have been treated very well and swiftly and with excellent satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone”. – Clyde Williams – 11th March 2017


“My son had an issue with his MacBook and had taken it to the Apple store to be assessed. He was told MacBook would have to be sent away at a cost of £100 plus replacement screen likely to be c £700. I emailed several local apple repairers and received response from Steve at Complex Systems in Tewkesbury. Some didn’t respond. I took the MacBook in and found Steve to be very knowledgeable and professional. He fully explained the scenario for the repair. I was kept in the picture throughout the process. You can also view details of the repair on their website. 
The repair was completed quicker than expected and around half of what Apple wanted to charge. Parts are also provided with 12 month warranty. Whilst I would hope not to have to use again, I would have no hesitation in going back to Complex Systems Direct Ltd for any Apple issues. Recommended”. – Gary Hall – 25th February 2017


“My son has a custom build gaming computer which wouldn’t boot after fitting new parts. Originally went to PC World Know How bar who offer a £60 fixed price repair charge. Initially they said they wouldn’t be able to investigate because the computer wasn’t “off the shelf”. Then, when I described the problem they suggested they would be able to fix, but the repair would wipe the hard drive and that would be a further £90 to recover the data plus the cost of any parts that might be needed. They said this without even investigating the fault. 

So I went home, Googled and stumbled on Complex Systems computer repairs. Yes, their fixed price repair fee is slightly more expensive, but this was definitely worth it as the whole experience was very good. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and kept fully informed throughout the repair. Fortunately my son’s repair didn’t need new parts, but if it had this comes with a 12 month guarantee. I will definitely use Complex Systems again for any computer related problems”. – Mr I George – 8th February 2017


“My computer locked me out and I could not access any sites. Complex Systems Direct Ltd took my computer for two days and were efficient and sorted out the problems and I would highly recommend them”. – Lady J Huntington-Whiteley – 16th January 2017


“I brought in my computer with the external hard disk on which I do my back up because this was not happening any more. I was told that it would take two to four working days, but 24 hours later, my computer was repaired, except that they just told me the hard drive was not compatible with Windows 10 and they disabled the back up without asking me what solutions I wanted about it. I am not very keen on using windows products and I would have liked to be offered another product. It works so the result is satisfactory but it would have been much better if I had been consulted”. – Sophie Franklin – 12th January 2017


“I took my laptop into the Tewkesbury shop, and 24 hours later it was mended and it was done very cheaply. The service was polite, informative and the online information re the repair was prompt and frequent. I asked at the Apple shop in a local town and it would have cost much more and taken five times as long had I gone there. The laptop needed the fan replacing and other parts checking”. – Lloyd Allington – 6th January 2017


“I took an iMac in just after Christmas, no other repairer was open, and I had it back on 3rd Jan, pretty exceptional I think, considering the holidays. I was just getting a black screen and it was diagnosed very quickly as a corrupted download, the cost was amazingly reasonable. I was kept fully informed by text. Cannot fault the service”. – Mrs S Bunn – 3rd January 2017


“Fast service with the advantage of talking to a real person”. – Barry Simon – 23rd December 2016


“Very good and polite sevice”. – John Pocock – 6th December 2016


“Very fast and freindly service”. – Chris Adcock – 12th November 2016


“We were rescued when we stupidly interrupted an update and lost everything. The service we received was excellent. We were helpfully kept updated on the progress of the repair which was completed in 3 days as promised”. – Jan and Phil Drinkwater – 26th October 2016


“I received very effective service from Complex Systems in Tewkesbury when I had a problem recently with my laptop. I will certainly use them in the future”. – Justin – 28th September 2016


“This is only the third time I have needed to use Complex Systems. Each time I have received excellant service. Everything that has been promised has been fulfilled. Good advice has been given without pushy sales. I shall be back when I need help again”. – William Cook – 25th September 2016


“I was very pleased with the help I received when I wanted to change my ‘new to me’ laptop to my account and to have it checked. I was kept informed by text and email as to the progress of the work, which I really appreciated, and when I began using the laptop Steve was very helpful on the phone when I had some basic problems. I will use Complex Systems Direct again”. – Sheila Hendy – 6th September 2016


“Excellent service at complex systems. Professional and helpful advice. The hinge had broken on my daughter’s laptop. I was kept informed at every stage by text and the repair was carried out very quickly once the parts arrived. I will certainly use them again”. – Hilary Davies – 27th July 2016


“I live local to complex systems and and my laptop which I need for my business developed an issue where the display packed up. I took the laptop into the shop for analysis. Within an hour I had a progress report along sent to me via email and subsequently an email notifications every time there was an update. The total time from dropping the laptop off until collection was only 4 days and everything was working fine. The price for the repair was very competitive but as important the quality of the overall service including regular progress updates was very good”. – Shaun Pates – 22nd July 2016


“The service was exceptionally good- more than one has come to expect”. – Peter Greenhill – 15th June 2016


“My original ipad2 was found to be beyond economic repair, once this was established and with the least of delay a replacement iPad 2 was ordered prepared, set up and ready to go within a few days at minimal cost and with a 6 month warranty. No fuss no complication just quick no nonsense diagnosis and rectification. Thank you”. – Patrick Jones – 1st June 2016


“This is the second time I have used Complex Systems due to a fault on my computer and once again very happy with the service I received and great to have my computer working again, albeit with my knowledge in a very basic fashion. I would definitely recommend them”. – Barbara Miles – 27th April 2016


“Hi, I would like to say a big thank you for fixing my son’s laptop in March 2016, restoring software which he deleted, in a very quick and professional reliable service.. I Would recommend you to others. Many Thanks. Anthony”. – Anthony Poke – 29th March 2016


“Great little local business, friendly service. Totally recommend”. – Joanne Ellis – 16th March 2016


“The service was second to none and Steve took a lot of time and trouble getting everything right; especially dealing with an aged surfer who does not know much about computers. 
I was recommended to the company by my neighbour and would not hesitate to recomend to anyone else”. – Nickie Philipson – 19th January 2016


“Just had annual health check on my PC – have been a customer since 2007 – always excellent service from complex systems and good advice from Steve”. – J Paterson – 9th January 2016


“Had to have laptop wiped and windows re-installed. Very quick and professional service received”. – Gillian Coates – 31st December 2015


“A great local service with professional advice along with competitive prices is a winner. Always my first port of call when it comes to electronics and computers. Many thanks”. – Maurice Stokes – 17th December 2015


“Very helpfull man listened to what I needed and sorted things out for me good communication and updates and always at the end of the phone to help”. – Sally Randell – 12th December 2015


“I have had several occasions to use the services of this company. Not being particularly adept at anything connected with computers (in fact being almost completely ignorant of it), I have had to put my trust in these professionals. I am happy to say that they have, without exception, proved that my trust was well founded. They have been very helpful and always very fair in their dealings with me. Long may this continue”! – Daniel Bouvet – 19th November 2015


“MY PC had a start up problem. I was informed it was the mother board. I WAS HAPPY WITH THE PRICE. IT was repeated at the time they said.. And I had it back in three working days. I WILL USE THEM AGAIN and THEY ARE VERY HELPFUL and PROFESSIONAL. THANKS. DAVID HAWKINS”. – David Hawkins – 16th November 2015


“Always a friendly, knowledgeable and prompt response to my PC/IT problems”. – Peter Kelson – 15th November 2015


“Quick, helpful and good service”. – Phil Hoper – 7th November 2015


“Very fast turn round on debugging on my laptop good job”. – Marcus Taylor – 29th October 2015


“I purchased a new computer here and have not been disappointed. They are very helpful and will find a machine suitable to your needs at very good prices. I would recommend you try here before going to other large well known stores, I have found local has been best. There was a slight delay but this was not the fault of the shop and they kept me informed the whole time. Recommended”! – Wayne O’ Leary – 23rd October 2015


“Very helpful staff, fixed a laptop which wouldn’t boot and did data recovery on an external drive that had failed. All work was completed in the agreed time. Fixed price meant no nasty surprises. Ability to go on-line and see status of the work was really helpful”. – N Sawkins – 21st October 2015


“I always leave my computer with Complex Systems for a full health check annually. I also take my son’s computer to them. I know that I will have excellent service and I can trust them absolutely. I won’t be going anywhere else. Great service. Thanks”. – Mrs Grace Phillips – 13th October 2015


“Had a problem with an old XP laptop that wouldn’t reboot properly. I use It for diagnostic testing of older cars so I was keen to get it working Again. The PC was repaired promptly and I had it back within a couple of days. I would happily use these people again. No leather sofas or pot plants – just good service”! – D Meredith – 8th October 2015


“Quick and efficent sevice will allways use”. – Robert Marriott – 29th September 2015


“My second repair at complex systems (first was a dodgy connection to a laptop screen). This time my daughters laptop sustained some damage to the USB port and start button when she dropped it. I was given a clear explanation of probable outcomes and solutions to the problem along with a basic starting cost. Great updates and prompt repair. When I emailed, always got a quick same day reply”. – Carole – 20th September 2015


“Tricky software problem causing the computer to continually reboot. Probably could have solved it by complete re-install of Windows and consequently loosing everything, but Complex Systems managed to solve the problem without loosing anything. Wonderful service”. – Peter Horn – 18th September 2015


“Very, Very Helpfull to me as a novice on Computing and I trust this Company. If they say that a part needs replacing then it does. They will always be my first port of call for Servicing or Repairs”. – Walter Edwards – 7th September 2015


“My ‘Mother board’ fried, it was fixed within 3 working days. Communication was excellent with regular updates. Will definitely go back with all my laptop problems and will recommend to others”. – Jel Lee – 2nd September 2015


“Laptop serviced within the week and ready to go. Can’t ask for more”. – Terry Ballard – 28th August 2015


“The staff member was very polite and informative. The fault was put right right quicker than I expected and the communication system for collection was excellent. No reason for any complaint”. – Frank Hannigan – 27th August 2015


“Problem with laptop quickly diagnosed and spare graphics chip ordered from Apple. Repair was promptly made and I was kept informed at everyktage but e-mail. An excellent service with very helpful staff. Based on my experience, I would recommend this service”. – Paul Crampton – 4th August 2015


“Quick Efficient Repair with First Class Communications. Without hesitation I would use Complex Systems services in the future and would highly recommend them to family and friends. THANK YOU”. – Mike Kyte – 28th July 2015


“My slow running computer with a corrupt/infected operating system returned to full health within days. An excellent service professionally provided”. – John S – 2nd July 2015


“A fast, friendly and efficient laptop repair, thanks. The status tracking messages were a bonus. Peter Bryenton. BryPix”. – Peter Bryenton – 6th June 2015


“My old DELL PC tower refused to start-up and following investigation Complex Systems found the ‘mother board’ had failed. Replaced and returned to me fully functional within 4 days. Kept informed of progress throughout and cost of repair minimal. Great service from a local engineer. Ray Withers”. – Ray Withers – 29th April 2015


“Professional and quick service. More assistance than I expected”. – Tim Cuthbert – 14th April 2015


“Following failure of pc tower, visited CSD who quickly diagnosed replacement motherboard required. Part ordered and replaced within 1 week. On collection I was advised that several viruses were also found and duly removed. Regular e-mail updates welcomed, thank you CSD”. – Tom Brooks – 16th January 2015


“Cooling fan broke down on our business computer. As usual Steve very quickly dealt with the problem and we were up and running within 24 hours. 
Steve is always friendly and helpful and obviously is extremely competent”. – Ann & John Rule – 15th January 2015


“My computer had been overheating and shutting down. I was receiving fatal error messages. I dropped my computer in late on a Wednesday afternoon and it was ready just after lunchtime on the Friday. No more overheating, no more fatal errors. The tracking system was fantastic because I knew what was happening at every stage. I would thoroughly recommend Complex Systems to everyone”. – Pauline Blackburn – 5th July 2014


“Desktop PC had a corrupted Windows 7 OS, meaning I couldn’t access my emails or use a lot of programs without a lot of hassle. The Engineer backed up all my data and emails and re-installed OS. No files were lost and PC now works as new. Thank you. Pete Andrew 12/05/14”. – Pete Andrew – 12th May 2014


“I had inherited a ‘dead’ HP laptop just initially to recover the data but decided the it could be worth repairing so popped into CSD. Stephen was very positive and explained their costings and repair tracking system. The latter is very useful for monitoring progress and permitting interaction as required. So after one motherboard and screen cable, I now have a spare laptop which I am well pleased with. CSD is a professional setup and great to have it on the doorstep”. – David Thomson – 6th March 2014


“I took my laptop to another repair shop and was told I would have to buy a new one without any real explanation of the problem. When I took it to complex systems the problem was diagnosed quickly and fixed. The track feature was great as I knew what stage the repair was at and when I was due to get my laptop back. All round a fantastic company who did an excellent job”. – Leslie Mcdowall – 24th January 2014


“Old computer fitted with new motherboard, hard drive and re-install Windows XP. Now works superbly, only wish I had found this company previously”! – Julian Scrivener – 10th December 2013


“My slow computer was checked, serviced and various problems ironed out. Steve presents himself as a calm unworried person, thus giving the customer confidence and reassurance. My computer is now working well. Thanks Steve”. – Miss Margaret Dale – 19th September 2013


“I had decided to buy a new computer because mine had become so slow (if not static)and unreliable. My neighbour suggested that I take my laptop into Complex Systems Direct Ltd because he and his family had been very pleased with the service they provided. I took the advice and I cannot believe the transformation of my old laptop. It now works as efficiently as it did when I bought it 7 years ago. The value for money certainly is exceptional”. – Angela Mary Kelly – 1st July 2013

Your Response : Thank you for your terrific review and I’m glad you are happy with our service.

“I had my computer serviced ‘cos had problems with loading windows. The work was carried out quickly and I had the computer back in a few days. My computer is now working much faster and I am extremely pleased with the work that has been carried out”. – Mrs Mary G Smith – 11th May 2013


“I have used Complex systems in Tewkesbury for all my computer repairs and recent compute purchases. Steve’s insights are always helpful and well-informed and have really enabled me to make the right choices on how I spend my money. I am very happy not only o continue to give Steve my custom but to also recommend him to others. In the past two weeks Steve has had to repair a laptop that had fallen to the floor. He was able to quickly advise to the repair needed and to give good counsel on the process should an insurance claim be warranted. The other repair was to my desktop computer which I use for my work. All issues were resolved speedily and good advice regarding memory upgrades was given. In fact I was advised not to upgrade my memory but to invest that finance towards a future computer purchase. Trevor Barnett-Tewkesbury”. – Trevor Barnett – 9th April 2013


“Took my non-functioning laptop into the shop yesterday morning. Immediately diagnosed as a broken screen: and as immediately priced with an estimated three days return. 
Within 36 hours received a text message that the laptop was ready. Not only is it functioning but it has been restored to original speeds and quality: the detailed report sheet was thorough and indicated all the work done. Advice was given professionally about the pitfalls to be avoided to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the problem. It is a pleasure to write that I cannot fault the service given. So often I find myself frustrated by promises broken and deadlines missed by suppliers. I will return to Complex in future and recommend their service without reservation”. – Jim McKay – 6th March 2013


“My desktop computer had been giving me problems for some time (crashing randomly, freezing, slow load times etc. ) and so I decided to take it into Complex Systems to have it fixed. 

The problem was quickly diagnosed as a faulty hard-drive and a replacement was ordered for me the same day. Since the part had to be sent off for there was some delay in getting the computer back although the wait was only a couple of days. The cost of the replacement was reasonable and the hard-drive itself was actually a slight upgrade over my old one. 

The computer now runs fine and it seems that all the problems I was having have been resolved. 

Overall I would say that Complex Systems offers a good service at a fair price and whilst the cost of parts may seem a little high compared to online deals they are by no means unreasonable compared to the high street. If I had further problems with my computer I would return to Complex Systems and would recommend them to anyone local to the area”. – Jack Ward – 1st March 2013


“Supply and install printer as discussed &. Agreed. Removed virus from laptop &. Installed Adobe together with system to convert Pdf files to windows where files could be edited.  As a pensioner trying to survive in a modern world I have found Stephen a great help with advice and technical knowledge”. – David Wilkinson – 23rd February 2013


“Excellent service and value for money. Explained things in a way that I could easily understand. I would fully recommend this company and will DEFINATELY be using them from now on and they are on the doorstep, so no having to trek over to Cheltenham anymore – bonus”!! – Lesley Maycock – 5th December 2012


“Very quick repair and sercice good advice on product and explaination of my problem has saved me a lot of money as other retailers advised me to purchase a new product thank you”. – Lionel James – 1st October 2012


“First time I have used complex systems. Laptop and pc tower sent in for repair. Pc tower needed new hard drive. Then they found mother board to be faulty meaning the computer was beyond repair. They put hard drive I had brought in a compuiter they had their and gave it to me without any extra cost. I think this is amazing as otherwise I would of been without a computer but still of had to pay for the work done. I would definately use them again. They are friendly efficient and fair. Also, I am local, so my computers were collected and returned to the door which saved me time, extra journeys and finding their location which is not my strong point”. – Donna Hope – 24th January 2012


“Very helpful and quick turnaround”. – Brian Cook – 24th October 2011


Steve was most helpful but a weakness I found on recent purchase of a computer & printer was the lack of product display even accepting manufacturers make changes almost daily. Had there been visual display other than going onto the web I would most likely have bought a higher spec’ printer. – A. Chinn – 18th October 2011

Your Response : Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, our store is too small to stock a large number of different printers. We always listen to what the customer wants from the printer and their budget and recommend based upon this. Printers not in stock are ordered and arrive next working day.


“Swift turnaround much appreciated” – David Peet – 18th October 2011


“Complex systems have always helped us out in our hour of need. They are friendly, efficient and would highly recommend”! – Sally Page – 17th October 2011


“I have used Complex Systems to repair my lap-top. Repair was done quickly and efficiently and extremely good value for money”. – Rachel Howells – 17th October 2011


“Four months ago, Complex Systems Direct Ltd fixed my Dell laptop which had crashed a couple of times within a year – the second time it happened, I thought that I would have to replace it, but a new C drive which was fitted within three days, and it has been working perfectly ever since. They even installed new anti-virus software. Great service all round”.  – Sam Sammels – 23rd July 2011


“Complex Systems set up our in-house booking system and have maintained our computers for approx 7 years. We have always found them to be efficient, reliable and pleasant to deal with”. – Aeroscope Travel – 22nd July 2011


“Stephen built me a high end pc for video editing ,gaming and music production over 4 years ago. As he advised on future proofing and not just using the cheapest components into the build i still have a high pc over 4 years later that still holds it’s own against a 6 month old shop built pc, that i use on a LAN network. Maybe not the cheapest shop around but you get what you pay for and the quality is high here. many thanks again. Will buy again when i can afford it. matt” – Reign of Fury – 20th July 2011


“Faced with a computer that kept on crashing, I was pretty stressed out but Steve calmly worked through the possible problems and when, reluctantly,he diagnosed the old computer as unsaveable, he gave me advice on what to buy, how to adjust my software for Windows 7 and then installed it all on the new computer. Everything now works swimmingly. Highly recommended. David Tovey Art Historian” – David Tovey – 19th July 2011


“The four star Service rating is not five stars only because “house calls” are limited to Mondays but problems arise anytime”. – Philip Langston – 18th July 2011


“There are no problems with large jobs such as purchasing and installing new equipment, but quick fixes often cannot be done within a reasonable timescale even if they can be done on-line. Whilst these may be minor problems they are often serious for the user and have caused me, at times, to have to get a fix elsewhere when I would prefer always to have my IT support in one place. I have found it easier to get product support beyond the simple warranty (e.g. when a fault lies outside the warranty period but is still within statutory rights or a good case for a goodwill payment) when dealing directly with suppliers rather than through Complex systems. For a long standing, reliable account, I am disappointed to be asked to pay 100% in advance when new equipment is purchased. In all other respects the service has been reliable and attentive. Overall we are satisfied”. – Robert MacKenzie – 18th July 2011

Your Response : Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, we do not provide credit terms. We do offer fast fixes provided the customer has a valid support contract that will detail SLA levels and the response time to incidents. Our response time to those customers that have and pay for support contracts and have a “critical incident” as specified in their contract is within 4 hours. We have never failed an SLA yet. A support contract was offered that would provide this level of support within the timescales discussed which was declined. Out of contract repairs are resolved between 2-4 working days as opposed to industry standards of 4 days to 6 weeks. Our telephone/remote support services to non contract customers is usually immediate or same day depending on our current workload. Where this is not possible it will always take place the next working day.


“I received total satisfaction with the service given, being fast and efficient and greatly pleased with the amount charged, I will deffinatley use Complex Systems again and I have all ready recommended them to friends” – Jackie Y Grace – 1st February 2010


“My PC has a 5 year parts and labour warranty and recently required a memory upgrade. Complex Systems visited onsite and fitted the upgrade for a very reasonable price. Very happy with my purchase and dealing with a company you can trust”. – John Gordon – 30th August 2009